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Welcome to South Carolina Statewide E-Filing.

This service will allow you to initiate a case or file to an existing case electronically. Attorneys will register to E-File through AIS.

Non-attorney users who are employed by an attorney may request a Firm Financial Manager (FFM) Account. Once approved, the non-attorney FFM may access the E-Filing System but is not authorized to E-File documents.

Thank you for your participation in the use of our E-Filing system.

E-Filing Announcements

Scheduled Maintenance will take place on Tuesday, February 19, 2018 from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM, Wednesday, February 20.

E-Filing payment processing difficulties affecting Darlington County have been resolved.

E-Filing Tip of the Week: Filings Made in Error

Some filers have attempted to use the E-Filing System to delete or retract submitted filings by deleting information about the filing from the "My Filings" tab in the E-Filing System. E-Filers should be aware that, once the filing has been submitted and is shown as "Awaiting Approval," deleting information about the filing in "My Filings" will not remove or retract the filing from the Clerk of Court's system, and it may prevent the E-Filer from accessing information about the filing at a later date. If you believe you have submitted a filing in error, and it has not yet been accepted or rejected by the Clerk of Court, you should immediately contact the Clerk of Court's office.

Other Announcements

E-Filing is available in Darlington County, effective Tuesday, February 5, 2019.

E-Filing will be available in Dillon County, effective Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

E-Filing is currently available in the following counties:

Aiken County (4/25/2017)Horry County (3/14/2017)
Allendale County (1/17/2017) Jasper County (12/6/2016)
Anderson County (10/18/2016) Kershaw County (12/5/2017)
Bamberg County (5/9/2017) Lancaster County (5/15/2018)
Barnwell County (5/9/2017) Laurens County (1/16/2018)
Beaufort County (12/6/2016) Lee County (1/19/2016)
Berkeley County (9/4/2018) Lexington County (9/5/2017)
Calhoun County (8/7/2018) Marion County (10/30/2018)
Cherokee County (9/13/2016) Marlboro County (1/15/2019)
Chester County (4/24/2018) McCormick County (10/10/2017)
Chesterfield County (12/4/2018) Newberry County (1/16/2018)
Clarendon County (12/9/2015) Oconee County (11/1/2016)
Colleton County (2/7/2017) Orangeburg County (7/17/2018)
Darlington County (2/5/2019) Pickens County (5/3/2016)
Dorchester County (6/19/2018) Richland County (3/8/2018)
Edgefield County (10/10/2017) Saluda County (9/26/2017)
Fairfield County (4/24/2018) Spartanburg County (8/23/2016)
Florence County (10/2/2018) Sumter County (1/19/2016)
Georgetown County (3/28/2017) Union County (3/20/2018)
Greenville County (3/22/2016) Williamsburg County (2/8/2016)
Greenwood County (2/6/2018) York County (2/27/2018)
Hampton County (1/17/2017)

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