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Welcome to South Carolina Statewide E-Filing.

This service will allow you to initiate a case or file to an existing case electronically. Attorneys will register to E-File through AIS.

Non-attorney users who are employed by an attorney may request a Firm Financial Manager (FFM) Account. Once approved, the non-attorney FFM may access the E-Filing System but is not authorized to E-File documents.

Thank you for your participation in the use of our E-Filing system.

South Carolina Judicial Branch E-Filing Announcements

E-Filing Tip of the Week: Initiating Certain Cases as Defense Counsel

Attorneys representing defendants may now initiate E-filing cases under NOA Codes (700) Death Settlement, (730) Minor Settlement, and (790) Incapacitated Adult Settlement. In the past, these cases would be traditionally filed when initiated by defense counsel. In order to E-file, defense counsel must have the last name and bar number of plaintiff's counsel. Details on how to initiate one of these cases can be found in ARG 26 - Initiating A Case By Defense Attorney.

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