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Terms of Use

South Carolina Courts' Electronic Filing System (SCE-File) User Agreement

This User Agreement serves as your agreement with the South Carolina Judicial Department for the purpose of electronically filing court documents. For licensed South Carolina attorneys, the User Agreement will remain in effect as long as you are properly registered with the South Carolina Attorney Information System (AIS).

NOTE: Pro Hac Vice attorneys are prohibited from registering to use SCE-File. Only licensed South Carolina attorneys who are properly registered with AIS may electronically file documents using SCE-File.

A. E-Filing User Terms and Conditions:

An E-Filing User accepts and agrees to comply with the following terms and conditions:

  • Each E-Filing User of the SCE-File system agrees to comply with the Administrative Order(s), South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, and the Policies and Guidelines governing e-filing that are in effect on the date of the filing of the pleadings or documents. (insert link)
  • Provide accurate, timely, and complete information to AIS as required by the South Carolina Judicial Department.
  • Be responsible for the security and use of the E-Filing User's ID and password. Any e-filing or other interaction with the SCE- File system using an E-Filing User ID and password shall be deemed to be made by that E-Filing User or with that E-Filing User's express authorization.
  • Immediately notify the E-Filing Helpdesk (insert link) if there has been any breach of user security, including any use of an E- Filing User ID and password by an individual not expressly authorized to do so by the E-Filing User.
  • Your registration and acceptance of the terms of the User Agreement constitutes your request for, and consent to, receive electronic service. By accepting the User Agreement, you consent to e-service of notice of filing of all pleadings, papers, or other documents filed by other parties (except service of a Summons and Complaint pursuant to Rule 4, SCRCP), and entry of orders or judgments by the clerk of court. You agree that receiving electronic notice of electronically filed documents has the same legal force and effect as if it was received via paper or in writing.
  • You consent to the use of a digital signature or s/ [typed name] on all e-filed documents.
  • Public Access: All documents submitted by e-filing and information provided to the SCE-File system by the E-Filing User are public record and may only be designated as sealed, confidential, or otherwise protected from public disclosure by following the appropriate procedures outlined in Rules 41.1 and 41.2, SCRCP, or other South Carolina statutes, court rules, or administrative orders.
  • Redaction:You agree to omit, delete, or redact all personal identifying information from e-filed documents as required by Rule 41.2, SCRCP, S.C. Code Ann. § 30-2-330, and by Order of the Supreme Court entitled "Revised Order Concerning Personal Identifying Information and Other Sensitive Information in Appellate Court Filings," Appellate Case No. 2013- 002681.

B. Technical Requirements:

An E-Filing User accepts and agrees to the following provisions related to technical requirements:

  • The SC Judicial Department may deploy updates or modifications to the SCE-File system at any time, with or without prior notice. The E-Filing User’s continued use of the SCE-File system to file documents electronically with the court constitutes acceptance of the system as updated or modified.
  • The SC Judicial Department may delay, limit, or deny access to the SCE-File system due to system outages, scheduled maintenance or backups, or unforeseen events that may occur.
  • The SC Judicial Department will make reasonable efforts to provide prompt notice of any denial of access and the anticipated duration of such denial of access, but failure of the SC Judicial Department to give such notice shall not constitute a waiver of any part of the User Agreement or justification for E-Filing User’s failure to comply with the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, the Rules of Professional Conduct, the Policies and Guidelines, or other South Carolina statutes, appellate court rules, administrative orders.
  • Unavailability of the SCE-File system shall neither constitute a basis for an extension of time in which to file any matter with the court nor in any way affect any applicable statute of limitations or other legal time requirement, except as provided by law. In the event the SCE-File system is unavailable, the E-Filing User agrees to comply with the provisions of the Policies and Guidelines dealing with Technical Difficulties.

C. Miscellaneous Provisions:

An E-Filing User accepts and agrees to the following Miscellaneous Provisions related to SCE-File system use:

  • By use of the SCE-File system, an E-Filing User acquires no ownership or intellectual property interest in the system, its content or related materials, including but not limited to Filing User ID or password; user profile information; user interface design, format or content; titles or terminology; logos or other artwork; or training materials and documentation. An E-Filing User agrees that all such intellectual property is the sole property of the SC Judicial Department, and that no such content may be reproduced without permission.
  • An E-Filing User agrees to make every attempt not to upload documents that contain viruses or other malware.
  • Each authorized E-Filing User understands and agrees that in the event the user submits inappropriate, harmful, or obscene content that is not relevant to the case, the user's privilege to participate in SCE-File and the user's access to the system may be terminated. Each authorized E-Filing user also understands that the inappropriate, harmful, or obscene content may be removed from the public index.
  • The SC Judicial Department reserves the right to suspend service to any account if there is any misuse or abuse of the account. Service will be suspended if any information provided during the account registration process is fraudulent.
  • Understand that misuse abuse or fraud may also result in termination of your e-filing privilege civil liability criminal prosecution, sanctions, and/or a grievance being filed with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC).
  • You agree to cooperate with the SC Judicial Department and law enforcement during investigations into misuse, abuse, or fraud related to the use of your SCE-File account.
  • The E-Filing User assumes all risk and waives any claim for damages against the South Carolina Judicial Department resulting from use of SCE-File.
  • Any challenge or dispute regarding the User Agreement, whether sounding in contract or tort, relating to its validity, construction, interpretation and enforcement shall be determined, governed, and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of South Carolina.
  • If any section of the User Agreement shall, for any reason, be held invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall be deemed a separate, distinct and independent provision and shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of the User Agreement.

South Carolina Courts' Electronic Filing System (SCE-File) User Agreement

In order to use SCE-File, you must accept the terms of the User Agreement as explained below. Failure to accept these terms will take you back to the South Carolina Judicial Department homepage. I have read, understand, and accept the terms of the User Agreement and the applicable Administrative Order(s), court rules, policies, and guidelines that govern electronic filing in South Carolina. I agree to redact all personal identifying information from e-filed documents as required by Rule 41.2, SCRCP, S.C. Code Ann. § 30-2- 330, and court order.

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